Become a Supplier

Become a Supplier

Fill out each section of the form below and click on Submit Form.


Please send one unit of each item in Canadian packaging to the address below. If Canadian packaging is not yet ready, please send one unit of each item with proofs/images of your Canadian UPC codes.


Our Procurement Team meets bi-weekly to review new items. If your product is chosen for listing you will be sent a New Brand Listing Form and a copy of Horizon Supplier Policies + Guidelines.


Once the New Brand Listing Form has been filled out and returned to us for review we will begin the process of planning for the new product launch. Chosen products are launched within 6 to 8 weeks of final review.

Horizon is a wholesale distributor of organic and natural grocery products in the dry, chill, frozen, and bulk categories serving natural food stores, grocery chains, independent grocery stores, buying clubs, restaurants, cafes and specialty retailers across Western Canada.

We welcome new product submissions from natural products manufacturers and brokers. Due to the high volume of submissions, we appreciate your patience as we work through the review process. Please allow up to two weeks for our initial response.

If you would like to become a supplier, please follow the steps for product listing consideration.

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Pick up or delivery?

In addition to the information provided in this form, please send one unit of each SKU in Canadian packaging to:                
Horizon Distributors
5589 Trapp Avenue
Burnaby, BC 
V3N 0B2 

Please note that we are unable to review incomplete submissions.
All submissions must be accompanied by a physical sample before they are reviewed. 

Tell us your story. Horizon is interested in the history of your company and why you do what you do. What makes your products special and a good fit for us?

For questions regarding New Product Submissions please contact