Anita Pollard
Human Resources Manager

Anita joined Horizon in 1980, when Horizon was part of CRS Workers’ Cooperative, and gained a broad understanding of Horizon as a company by working in a variety of positions prior to taking on the role of Human Resources Manager in 1989. In addition to her professional experience, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from McGill University. Anita oversees all HR functions that relate to personnel, policies and procedures, which include recruitment, compensation, and health and safety, and provides guidance to the management team in these areas.


Her length of service, tenure within the management team and first-hand familiarity with the functions of each department give her a special understanding of Horizon and its staff and enable her to see any issue from many sides. Anita works to ensure consistency and fairness in our policies and messaging to our employees and continues to assist in maintaining a supportive inclusive workplace where people are valued and welcomed for their individuality.


Originally from Southern Ontario, Anita arrived in Vancouver in 1980 and never looked back.  Anita loves to travel whenever possible and enjoys a newfound love of cycling.

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