Lee Wyatt-Willekes
Warehouse Manager

Lee Wyatt-Willekes first came to Horizon in 1991, during which time she held positions in both our Purchasing and Warehouse departments. Lee took on the role of Warehouse Manager in 2002. Horizon has since tripled in volume. To say that Lee and her warehouse management team are highly skilled in adapting our operations to meet growth demands across all warehouse functions would be an understatement.


Lee enjoys the challenge inherent in balancing a vision for longer term needs with leading our 70 person warehouse group through day to day demands. She has worked diligently to create a safe and inclusive warehouse environment, where workers are encouraged to take personal ownership of their duties and recognize the value of their contributions to the business and our customers. Many of the models she employs are inspired by team unity, which include approaches to staff inclusivity and systems development, fair and attainable expectations, and an environment that is both supportive and compassionate.


Lee enjoys riding her motorcycle, road trips and winery tours with her partner, working on her house and engaging in her local community.

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