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Established in 1976, Horizon is Western Canada’s leading distributor of organic and natural products. Horizon is known for dedication to logistical excellence, personalized account service, a consistent 95% or better fill rate, and commitment to integrity in product selection.

Horizon is the supplier of major natural, grocery and independent grocery chains, independent health food stores, buying clubs, restaurants, cafés and specialty retailers via a fleet of trucks and common carriers.

Hot Deals
Birdie & Bill's Craft Sodas
50% OFF
Birdie & Bill’s
Natural Craft Sodas

Natural craft sodas with zero calories and loads of all-natural flavour will leave your shoppers feeling refreshed, satisfied and guilt free.

24% OFF
Pretzel Chips

Since 1983, Glutino has dedicated itself to healthy, gluten free products, made with only the highest quality ingredients,

produced under stringent controls.

40% OFF
Perfect Chef
Organic Butter Chicken Sauce

Ready-to-heat, gluten free, organic Butter Chicken Indian cooking sauce is a medium-spicy blend of traditional ingredients.

30% OFF
Sweet Lavender & Lime Laundry Liquid

Sapadilla laundry liquids are made with only plant-based ingredients, naturally occurring minerals like borax and washing soda, and essential oils.

25% OFF
Filterbag Teas

Tazo begins with the world’s finest tea leaves, then artfully blends them with herbs, spices and botanicals to create unexpectedly rich flavour experiences.

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