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Established in 1976, Horizon is Western Canada’s leading distributor of organic and natural products. Horizon is known for dedication to logistical excellence, personalized account service, a consistent 95% or better fill rate, and commitment to integrity in product selection.

Horizon is the supplier of major natural, grocery and independent grocery chains, independent health food stores, buying clubs, restaurants, cafés and specialty retailers via a fleet of trucks and common carriers.

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75% OFF
Stuffed Shells w/Marinara Sauce (Freezer)

Certified gluten free and “no WBRO” (no wheat, barley, rye or oats), these frozen, microwave meals feature a savoury combination of pasta, cheese and marinara sauce.

25% OFF
3X Concentrated Laundry Wash

Made entirely from renewable, sustainable, plant-based ingredients, biodegradable, nontoxic Eco-Max laundry wash products are designed for minimal impact on our environment.

Endangered Species Ethically Traded Chocolate
25% OFF
Endangered Species
Chocolate Bars Shipper (96 units)

Floor shipper contains 96 (12 x 8 varieties) dark and milk chocolate bars made with ethically traded, shade grown cacao and natural ingredients.

insert_lancetre cheddar light old
25% OFF
Organic Old Light Cheddar (Cooler)

Québec Vrai certified organic cheese, made with raw organic milk from cows that have not received hormones, is preservative, lactose, animal rennet and GMO free.

25% OFF
Stickling’s Organics
Bread Crumbs, Croutons + Pizza Crusts

Organic and natural line of Bread Crumbs, Croutons and Pizza Crusts is dairy and egg free and includes gluten free varieties too.

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