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Established in 1976, Horizon is Western Canada’s leading distributor of organic and natural products. Horizon is known for dedication to logistical excellence, personalized account service, a consistent 95% or better fill rate, and commitment to integrity in product selection.

Horizon is the supplier of major natural, grocery and independent grocery chains, independent health food stores, buying clubs, restaurants, cafés and specialty retailers via a fleet of trucks and common carriers.

Hot Deals
50% OFF
Alter Eco
Selected Fair Trade Organic Chocolate Bars

Limited stock dated 12/23/2015. Alter Eco dark chocolate bars contain some of the world’s finest, most sustainably sourced ingredients.

30% OFF
Vanilla Flavour (59ml)

All natural and alcohol free, this extra-rich and creamy vanilla is perfect for baking.

30% OFF
Harvest Sun
Organic Vegetable Soup

Harvest Sun has perfectly blended organically grown ingredients with sustainable farming to create wholesome, flavourful products for the pantry.

30% OFF
Organic Light Agave Nectar (243ml)

All natural, additive free Organic Light Agave is a versatile, low-glycemic sweetener that’s 1.4x sweeter than sugar so less is needed in baking and cooking.

50% OFF
Nunweiler’s (Grandma Nunweiler’s)
Organic Whole Spelt Flour (1kg)

Nunweiler’s low temperature impact milling helps maintain the important nutrients and unique qualities of organic, whole grain spelt flour.

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