Become a Supplier

Become a Supplier

We Welcome New Product Submissions From Natural Products Manufacturers and Brokers

Horizon Grocery + Wellness is a wholesale distributor of organic and natural food, household cleaning products, natural personal care items and nutritional health supplements in the dry, chill, frozen, and bulk categories. We service major natural, grocery and independent grocery chains, independent natural health stores, buying clubs, restaurants, cafes and specialty retailers across Western Canada.

How to Become a Supplier

If you would like to become a Grocery or Wellness supplier, please follow the instructions below for product listing consideration. If you have questions please include them with your submission. Due to the high volume of submissions, we appreciate your patience as we work through the review process. Please allow up to one week for our initial response.

Also, let us know if you hope to list with our subsidiaries, ONFC Grocery + Wellness, located in Mississauga, Ontario, and PSC Natural Foods, servicing Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands and surrounding areas. Include this request when submitting the required information and we will share your product information with PSC and/or ONFC’s attention for review.

IMPORTANT: Submissions from outside of North America will not be considered. We are unable to respond to these inquiries.


New Product Listing Submission Instructions 


Grocery Product Submissions
This category includes: Organic and natural dry, chill, frozen food and household cleaning items.
Grocery New Product Listing SHORT Form 

Wellness Product Submissions
This category includes: Supplements and natural personal care items.
Wellness New Product Listing SHORT Form


Please ensure the information you provide is complete and accurate. We are unable to review incomplete submissions. 


Email* your completed New Product Listing SHORT Form for:

Grocery products to: 

Wellness products to:

*Please use your company email address.


Submit samples of each of the products you are presenting. At minimum, please send one unit of each item in CFIA compliant Canadian packaging to the address below. All submissions must be accompanied by a physical sample before they are reviewed. Samples are not returnable.

Horizon Grocery + Wellness
5589 Trapp Avenue
Burnaby, BC V3N 0B2


Common Questions

What will help my brand stand out amongst other submissions?

First, we very much appreciate your submissions as we know how challenging operating a business can be and the risks you take. The decision to list is based on multiple factors. The Procurement Team considers up to 45 different points when reviewing incoming products. We always love to see certified organic products, local products and/or products that support a healthy planet. However, ensuring your product is priced appropriately, promoted effectively and is a product that our retail customer base requests adds weight to your submission. We will also look at data to understand if there is strength within the subcategory in which your product fits and consider how your brand is positioned against competitive brands.


When will we know if we are listed?

Our Procurement Team meets bi-weekly to review new product submissions. Decisions can be made in as little as two weeks if we don’t require additional information and your submission is error-free. Sometimes, our Procurement Coordinator needs to follow up with you to ask clarifying questions or discuss barriers the Procurement Team may have identified. We aim to list, and launch chosen new products within 6-8 weeks of receiving complete submissions.