Check out Horizon’s  Local Grocery Listings (PDF) and Local Wellness Listings (PDF)


Want to support local? Here’s what you can do to help. 

Make the choice to carry local brands in your stores.

Many local entrepreneurs are willing to support their listings in your stores by attending in person or virtual events to promote their products.  The opportunity to meet local business founders and owners is inspiring and will be welcomed by your customers. 

Help your customers (and staff!) learn why buying local is important. 

Learn about the benefits of local here:  https://bcbuylocal.com/why-local/

Consider offering discounted ad programs for your local brands to help them compete.

It’s tough out there for emerging brands to fund marketing programs that are equivalent to those of more mature brands. Offering small discounts can go a long way to help enhance the presence of local brands.  Consider a sliding-scale, based on annual revenue by brand.

Once you’ve made the commitment to carry local products, be sure to tell your customers. 

Brand yourself as a local supporter in your advertising vehicles and social media.

Join others!  Organizations supporting and connecting LOCAL business are eager to help you.

If you are a BC-based business, consider joining LOCO, an organization supporting and advocating for local business.   Why re-invent the wheel?  As a LOCO member, you can learn and share with other member businesses. https://www.locobc.ca/cpages/join-loco

For non-BC based businesses, seek out like-minded organizations that support local in your province.

Partner with your local suppliers on social and environmental issues that are meaningful to them and/or part of their company values.

Harness the power of working together with your suppliers, sharing costs and strengthening partnerships by joining them in their purpose-driven activities and events. Give your staff the opportunity to engage with your suppliers and involve themselves in meaningful causes.